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Public Transportation

Buenos Aires

The public transporation system in Buenos Aires is safe and quite good. While taxis are pretty affordable, the subway and bus systems area viable alternative sfor those that like to get a better feel for what daily life is like in the city.

There are hundreds of public bus routes in the city so the most effective way to figure out which one to take is by using the city’s online map that will tell you what bus routes run near the area you’d like to visit. To find the best bus route, simply enter your starting and ending points and then select the bus icon above the search boxes. Here is the link to the Buenos Aires city online map:


The subway system primarily serves as a quick means to get in and out of downtown. Please note that it is extremely crowded during morning & afternoon rush hours. Here is a map of the Buenos Aires subway system:

We do not recommend using the regional trains offered in the Buenos Aires area. They are not well maintained, very crowded and can be unsafe.

Public transportation is subsidized for residents that have a “SUBE” card issued by the government. All other passengers must pay with COINS ONLY when boarding buses or with bills or coins at the ticket window prior to boarding the subway. The rates, vary depending on the distance traveled but range between about 50 cents to $1 USD .
The Rest of the Country

While public transporation does exist in other likely destinations you’ll be visiting, the service offered is not up to the level of Buenos Aires. It generally isn’t worth the effort as you’ll have to spend a lot of time waiting on the next bus to arrive. carry on piece of up to 17 pounds (8kg) + a personal item is also permitted.