Visa Requirements

U.S., Canadian and Australian Citizens

While the Argentine government doesn’t require a visa for American , Canadian or Australian tourists, a visa reciprocity fee that ranges from $75 USD- $200USD is charged in order to enter the country. This fee is in reciprocity for what Argentine citizens have to pay when entering the United States, Canada or Australia . This fee must be prepaid online prior to your traveling to Argentina.
How to pay your reciprcity fee online:

  • You’ll 1st have to register on their website. To register, go HERE and click the “SIGN UP” button below the Log In area.
  • Once you sign up, you’ll be taken to a screen where the personal information you entered will be displayed.
  • Complete any missing information and then select the “ADD FORM” button which will add the reciprocity fee to your cart.
  • If traveling with anyone else, click the “ADD FORM” button again for each additional traveler and complete their information
  • Once you’ve entered all travelers’ information, click the “PAY” button & follow the steps to complete the transaction.
  • After payment is processed, print the receipt & have it handy as you travel. You’ll need to present it in order to board in your country of departure as well as in Argentina when arriving
  • The receipt will be scanned by Immigration staff in Argentina and the data will be validated to enable entry to Argentina. For further information, visit the Official Instructions & Payment sites

Citizens from other countries:

To see if Argentina requires a tourist visa for citizens of your country, visit the following official Argentine Immigrations website: