Here are some common etiquette matters that will be of use while traveling throughout Argentina:

Interaction with the Locals

People in Argentina are much less direct than what you may be accustomed to back home. When starting conversations or stopping someone to ask a question, it is considered rude to not say hello first or quickly ask how some is. The same goes for written communication.

A Few Basic Phrases:

Hello = Hola
Bye = Ciao (pronounced chow)
Thanks very much = Muchas gracias
Excuse me/Pardon me = Perdon
I don’t speak spanish = No hablo castellano
How much is it? = Cuanto sale?


Dining in Argentina starts late. It’s typical for most locals to have dinner at around 9PM on weekdays & after 10PM on weekends. Lunch is generally at around 1PM. When eating out at a restaurant, you may notice that the service can be a little slower than in other countries. The reason for that is that the locals are accustomed to spending long dinners together & enjoying plenty of conversation between dishes.


The use of restrooms is generally reserved for paying customers so you may have to purchase something when entering an establishment. Your best bets for clean restrooms are nicer looking restaurants or fast food chains (in Buenos Aires). You’ll find the restroom either at the back of a single floor restaurant or upstairs if it has more than 1 floor.