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Holidays & Business Hours

Business Hours:

Here are some general guidelines for typical weekday business hours by type of establishment:

  Larger Cities Smaller Towns
Stores 9AM-8PM 10AM-1PM & 4PM-9PM
Restaurants (dinner) 8PM to closing 7PM to closing
Restaurants (lunch) 12PM-4PM 12PM-4PM
Banks 10AM-3PM 10AM-3PM
Bars & Clubs 11PM-Closing 11PM-Closing

While you’ll find some exceptions in small tourist towns, for the most part businesses will be closed Saturday afternoons and all day Sunday.

Public Holidays (fixed days):

1/01: New Years

3/24: National day for rememberance of truth & justice

4/02: Veterans Day

5/01: Labor Day

5/25: Commemorates the revolution of 5/25/1810

6/20: National flag day

7/09: Independence day

12/08: Day of the Immaculate Conception

12/25: Christmas

Public Holidays (variable days):

These are a few holidays whose actual date will vary each year

2 days @ end of Feb/Beginning of March: Carnaval
1 day in mid April: Good Friday
1 day near 8/17: Comemorates General San Martin
1 day near 10/12: Colombus day
1 day near 11/20: National soverignity day