Large Cities

Buenos Aires is a relatively safe city. General safety recommendations are the same as for any big city: at night, do not walk in parks, less crowded streets and avenues. Do not exhibit valuable objects when you are walking along the street and carrying your money in front pockets is always good advice wherever you travel. Do not wave lots of cash, keep it discreet. Also, watch for pickpockets in crowded areas; especially on the buses which are called “colectivos”, the subway, and on busy intersection crossings & pedestrian streets such as “Florida” and “Lavalle”. When sitting in restaurants or sidewalk cafes, it is also advisable to not leave your purse or backpack unattended or simply resting it on an unoccupied chair.

All marked taxis are safe to take. Offical cabs are black and yellow and all have a logo on both rear doors with the name of the company (including the words “radio taxi”).

Buenos Aires is a wonderful city to walk in but you should take extra precaution when crossing the streets. If there is a pedestrian crossing light, make sure to follow its indications and always look for cars and motorcycles that may be turning as you cross. On streets that have no crossing signs, never assume you have the right of way and wait until there are no vehicles coming before crossing the street.