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The AA Difference

We’ve taken a different approach to travel than most of the companies out there have. You won’t see us bragging about how big we are or how many countries we operate in because we are quite the opposite. To us, bigger is not better. Small, intimate, professional and personalized are what we identify with.

Private Activities:

A lot of companies market private but have you asked them who they are private for? Many times, they reserve nights at all-inclusive lodges that offer activities for their guests. So it is private, but it’s only private for the hotel guests, not the individual traveler. Almost all of our activities are private for our guests and in some cases where it is impossible to do so, we clearly state it in our itineraries.

Number of Travelers:

Personalized travel by definition can’t be large. But as everything in life, things are relative. When most companies are limiting there group sizes to 12, we think that’s too big. Have you ever been hiking for a few hours with a group of twelve? We’re trying to avoid you’re biggest memory being the shoe brand of the person that was in front of you the whole time. Luckily that’s not an issue for us as all of our trips are private for just you and your traveling party.

Original Itineraries:

We specialize in Argentina and certain parts of surrounding countries. That means all of our resources are dedicated to finding and creating the best each area has to offer. Many other travel companies out there hire an in-country agency to sell them what is already offered to the main stream active tourist. We consider that the easy way out. Instead of settling for the standardized kayak, hike, horseback ride or sightseeing tour offered by these providers, we use our resources to comb through the national parks to find the most dramatic views in the most remote areas and partner with proven local outfitters to help with the logistics. This translates to better itineraries that will show you the real Argentina from an insider’s perspective.

Escorted Travel Options

For those that like to have everything taken care of for them, we offer escorted versions of our trips that include a dedicated Argentina Adventure host that will be with you from start to finish. So what are the advantages? It’s like having a personal concierge for whatever you need. During group activities, you’ll have the peace of mind that everything has been coordinated to perfection and when you’re on your own, take advantage of our service for any special requests you may have.


Larger travel companies need positions like “Latin American Directors” & “Country Managers” to select english speaking guides guides to use throughout the regions they operate in. In contrast, we have created direct relationships with local guides who live where they work (and love what they do!). This translates to being led by someone who truly understands the terrain, the local climate changes and has a greater ability to be resourceful if conditions require. Not to mention it will also be a more authentic experience for our guests as the information you receive is coming from someone who not only has an excellent technical knowledge of the area, but also understands the day to day experience of living there.

Our Hotels

Whether you like small & intimate or large & luxurious, you’re guaranteed to be spending your nights in the type of accommodations that best fits your travel style . We are 1st hand experts on 4 & 5 star lodging within Argentina and will always include plenty of lodging options catered to your interests during the planning process.


Our itineraries generally include plenty of meals (unless of course you’d rather them not!). When included, we don’t believe in fixed menus or limited choices. That means you choose whatever it is you want to eat and the tab is on us, including beer and wine. When there aren’t any restaurants nearby, we arrange personalized picnic lunches that are healthy, tasty, provide energy and just as important, varied. We’ll also be happy to take care of any specific dietary restrictions you may have. For outdoor lovers that are foodies as well, ask us about preparing cooked gourmet experiences in the outdoors with your own private chef!


Ever sit down on a plane with an empty seat next to you and hope no one sits there? Its ok, we’ve thought that too. Having some extra space is nice & we’ve factored that in to our transportation as well.