Royal Heins / Colorado

Marcelo did an exceptional job for us in planning and executing our trip. He took the time to listen what we wanted, prepared options for these wishes, and then executed. He followed our flights unbeknownst to us and on our last flight, alerted us that the flight was delayed before we left the hotel. Much nicer sitting at the hotel than at the airport. He provided us with a phone on arrival programmed with his phone number if we had any issues. The phone was also provided so we could call home to the US or family as needed.

We met many many people on the trip and thus expanded our circle of friends. We so thoroughly enjoyed our experience that we have already told several of our friends about the experience and recommended they consider Argentina as a future destination.

Trip Highlights: Not just one thing but the variety of things we did. We hiked, visited glaciers, boated, rode a train and so on. The time at Eolo Hotel was especially relaxing and enjoyable. The team that took us to the Torrecillas Glacier in Parque Los Alerces was especially enjoyable as we felt we got to know the local people. They shared mate with us giving us a flavor of their culture. Overall, Patagonia is a beautiful part of the word and we enjoyed greatly. Also, the fact that everything was taken care for us was great so we could enjoy the trip rather than worrying about what was coming next.